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Some Incredible Websites Using WordPress

Although WordPress has a reputation of being used by hobby-bloggers, many remarkable brands use it for commercial and marketing purposes which establishes it as a plausible business solution. The following is a collection of a few globally renowned and respected companies that trust and use the WordPress platform to develop their websites. 1. Xerox Xerox […]

Common WordPress Mistakes That Can Kill Your Site

WordPress can and is being used to create amazing, user-friendly websites. However many people make seemingly insignificant mistakes when building their websites with WordPress because of which they fail to take full advantage of this amazing platform. In this article we have listed three such mistakes. 1. Not changing the default tagline A tagline is […]

Why Making Your Website Mobile Friendly Is Necessary?

Anybody who has a website knows that a Google Search can be highly responsible for the amount of traffic a site receives. But did you know that depending on the device a person is using to perform a search, the results may vary? Thanks to Google’s latest mobile-friendly algorithm update, certain sites are getting left […]

Making Your WordPress Website’s Database Fast and Lightweight

These days the popularity of mobile devices is on the rise. While this has created a whole multitude of exciting new opportunities for website owners and bloggers, it has also given rise to some serious issues. The biggest one is that the internet connections available on mobile devices are often painfully slow which means that […]