How to Create An Answers Website With WordPress

Yahoo Answers is one of the most profitable and popular websites on the internet. If you want to make decent money on autopilot then starting a similar website might be a good idea. All you need is the latest version of WordPress and a good Q n A theme.

Here are the exact steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: Choose a good hosting plan

A question and answer website can be quite resource intensive and the resource consumption keeps on increasing with the passage of time. Therefore you should choose a hosting plan wisely. The offered disk space should be enough for a large database. Unlimited hosting might seem like the ideal choice but it is not actually unlimited. Most companies have a fair usage policy that allows them to deactivate your account once you have used a certain amount of bandwidth.

If you are really serious about your site then you should rent out a Virtual Private Server. This type of hosting is perfect for medium-sized sites that receive thousands of visitors everyday. Dedicated hosting is another viable option but it is very expensive.

Step 2: Install WordPress

These days WP installation is a breeze, thanks to all the amazing script installers being used in the web hosting industry. With a single click you can deploy WordPress on your server. However if your hosting control panel doesn’t come with an automated installation system then you can manually install the software using the helpful guides given on

Step 3: Purchase a WordPress Answers Theme

You can add all the necessary features to your website just by installing a robust answers theme. There are dozens of such themes available in the market. While shopping you should consider the following things:

– It should integrate with Adsense. For an answers website, a pay-per-click program can be a valuable source of income.

– It should have visually appealing social sharing buttons. This might sound like an insignificant feature but can make a lot of difference.

– It should have a built-in premium membership feature so that you can establish multiple revenue streams.

– Lastly the theme should have search engine friendly code.

If managed properly, an answers website can become a real goldmine within a few months. I hope this article will help you create the website of your dreams.

How to Get More Plus Ones

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so, you must be familiar with Google Plus. With the help of this social network, the search engine giant is trying to compete with Facebook and maintain its position as the world’s most visited and profitable website. For an SEO expert this new social network has opened up a whole myriad of opportunities. If you are trying to get to the first page of SERPs then you should try to get as many plus ones as possible. Although these votes are not as effective as link building and other tried and tested techniques, they can still make a huge difference.

In this article I will share some simple strategies that will help you skyrocket your plus one votes and get more organic traffic:


People are more likely to hit the vote button if you promise them something in return. It can be anything from an ebook to a premium template or theme. Just make sure it is valuable for your audience.

There are many plus one plugins in the WordPress directory. All you need to do is install a plugin that comes with redirection. After that you need to create a secret page on your website so that it can’t be accessed directly. On this page you can put the download links for your ebook or theme. Then use the plugin to redirect everyone who clicks on the plus one button to that page.

Write valuable content

It goes without saying that you can get more plus ones by writing high-quality, engaging content. While producing content make sure the material is well-structured and interesting, title is catchy and there are enough images and videos on the page. Of course this strategy is not as effective as the one mentioned above but it is natural and Google gives a lot of importance to natural votes.

Other tips

It is a bad idea to purchase plus ones. Most of the companies that offer this service use scripts to generate votes. In the beginning you might see an increase in organic traffic but eventually your website will get penalized. Many companies will tell you that all their votes are hundred percent manual but in most cases that’s a lie.

Getting social media votes can be quite hard, especially in the beginning but if you keep producing quality content you will start seeing results after some time.

4 Simple Things that Can Take Your Site to the Next Level

Gone are the days when operating a blog used to be a hobby. Today it’s considered as one of the most rewarding ways to generate income on the internet. If you run a weblog and want to earn money from it then you need to devise an effective plan and invest your money in the right places. It is the best way to generate decent profits in a short amount of time.

Here are a few things that can immediately boost your blog profits:

– Premium themes are cheap, easy to use and productive. Usually a high-quality theme costs approximately $20-$30, which is nothing as compared to the benefits it can bring. With a beautiful site you can catch the attention of 1000s of enthusiastic visitors. You can also establish a strong brand name.

– Among all the internet marketing strategies being utilized nowadays, e-mail marketing is the most cost-effective one. Unlike search engine optimization, it has always stood the test of time. Therefore an email marketing plug-in can help you a lot. The free ones available at are not very reliable. In case you do not want to utilize a plug-in, there are companies like Mail Chimp that cater the needs of online marketing experts.

– Selling advert space is a fantastic method to profit from a website but doing it manually can be extremely difficult. Fortunately you can make things less difficult by buying a good ad script like OIO Publisher. After installation of OIO Publisher or some other similar script you won’t have to do any thing by yourself.

– These days everyone has better internet speeds than before but slow sites are still frowned upon. Therefore it’s a wise decision to sign up for a CDN (Content Delivery Network). A CDN is not only great for user experience but also for search engine rankings.

– If you are not on a tight budget, employing a search engine marketing expert might be a wise decision. Such a venture can be extremely pricey but you will get your money’s worth within no time. Just be sure you give the position to a person who uses 100% white hat techniques to get links.

Currently there is a lot of competitiveness in the blogosphere but you can easily get over it using the tools and strategies outlined in the above paragraphs.