WordPress Web Hosting – How Is It Different From Traditional Hosting?

General web hosting companies are, on their own, good enough for most people. But when it comes to dealing with WordPress, a web host whose features and services are specifically tailored towards WordPress users is your best choice, particularly if all your sites will be built on WordPress. A WordPress web host is a haven you can’t resist, and if you don’t believe that, continue reading to see what distinguishes it from a general web host.

1. Security: It’s apparent how liable WordPress is to security breaches and you likely don’t want your site to get hacked. A WP web host regularly checks for security holes and fixes them even before WordPress does – and if your site ever gets hacked, it will be recovered and restored for free.

2. Proficiency: You definitely wouldn’t want a scenario where your WP questions are too obscure for the support staff to answer. You don’t have to worry about that happening because members of the support staff of WP web hosts are all experts. So if one can’t answer your question, another will be able to.

3. Faster page loading: No more slow websites, and forget about using a caching plugin because you won’t need it. The servers are inherently designed to facilitate faster loading.

4. Easy backups: You can backup your sites with one click and restore them with the same, and this comes at no extra cost.

5. Collection of free themes and plugins: You are given a nice gallery of the best free themes and plugins, and some of them cannot be found anywhere else because they were created only for users like you.

6. Migrate your site effortlessly: Whether you are coming from a different web host or you are moving to another, there will always be someone in the support staff to help you move your site for a small fee.

7. Developer-friendly tools: More tools for developers are provided, and it won’t cost you anything to get access to them.

8. Beginner-friendly: If you are a beginner, you probably want to get your site up and running as soon as you can. You will find a massive collection of WordPress tutorials to help you get started, and you can have WordPress installed for you for free if you can’t do it yourself.

Of course, some WP web hosts may not have some of the features mentioned here, but at the same time, they may have more features that aren’t mentioned here. As far as recommendations go, Site Ground and WP Engine are the top WP web hosts I can recommended.