What to Look For in Premium WordPress Themes

Making the step up from a free WordPress theme to one of many premium WordPress themes should bring with it a big jump both in quality and function for your site, shouldn’t it? Yes, absolutely. Is that always the case? Sadly, no.

Experience is a great teacher. Here’s some ideas on what to look for in a premium WordPress theme that I’ve picked up over the years. I think they will make your search potentially much more productive!

– Is the theme packed with features? When you pay for a premium theme it should have premium features. Take note of what features are being offered for the price and compare it with what’s offered with other premium themes in the same price range.

– Make sure the theme is relevant to your topic. It is always a good idea to choose a theme that has been designed for your niche in particular. For instance if you want to build a website for you web hosting company then your theme should have features such as WHM integration, payment processing, price boxes etc. You can find some beautiful hosting themes here.

– When was the theme last updated? The last thing you want is to purchase a theme that’s not really supported by it’s creators. If WordPress does a big update you want your theme to still function, don’t you?

– Look into the seller. It’s never a bad idea to explore the theme’s seller’s reputation. Check it out on search engines, forums and anywhere else you can think of. Five minutes of research can save you lots of future headaches.

Good luck and have fun in your search through those cool premium WordPress themes! I hope these tips make your choice a more informed one.