Why An Unresponsive Theme Is A Dead Theme

With the majority of the population now owning a smartphone and having the ability to access the internet on the go, the amount of mobile Google Searches has skyrocketed. In fact, more people are performing searches on their phones every single day than on actual laptops and desktop computers. This means that the majority of people are visiting websites on their phones when they’re out and about in the world. So, why is this an important piece of information to know? Simply put, mobile versions of a website and desktop versions of a website aren’t always created equal. In some cases, mobile versions of a website virtually cease to exist at all, and this can be horrible news for you if you don’t realize why.

Responsive themes will basically make your website look fantastic regardless of the device in which it is being viewed on. When a theme isn’t responsive, viewers tend to have to constantly zoom and scroll just to get the jist of what a webpage is about. In some cases, certain functions of a site that would be available on the desktop version won’t even carry over to the mobile version. This is all incredibly aggravating to site viewers, and now that Google has caught on to this, it’s starting to rid search results of these mobile unfriendly sites. This all basically means that if you’re not using a responsive theme, your pageviews are going to absolutely plummet. So, the first thing you should be doing when you’re considering a theme is checking that it’s responsive. If it’s not responsive, you aren’t going to exist to the mobile world, and that’s basically the same as not existing at all.