Some Incredible Websites Using WordPress

Although WordPress has a reputation of being used by hobby-bloggers, many remarkable brands use it for commercial and marketing purposes which establishes it as a plausible business solution. The following is a collection of a few globally renowned and respected companies that trust and use the WordPress platform to develop their websites.

1. Xerox

Xerox has more than ten blogs running on WordPress. These blogs handle different issues concerning the Xerox Company. Since the WordPress platform is free and open source, it is very convenient for a company that has multiple blogs. The Xerox blogs are an interactive platform where the Xerox professionals share the professional expertise and answer any enquiries from potential customers or consumers with issues concerning Xerox products. These blogs are elegantly designed and have detailed information pertaining to Xerox Company and products.

2. Sony Music

Sony Music is another mega company that trusts WordPress for its online presence. Considering WordPress is free, it is surprising that a profitable music company like Sony runs its websites on this platform. For many misinformed people who view WordPress as a freebie for hobbyists, the fact that Sony runs on WordPress should make them rethink their position. The Sony website is not only professionally designed but also contains a mountain of information and features an interactive platform.

3. MTV

MTV news blog is powered by WordPress. The blog is very detailed, intricate and has an interactive platform that enables comments and enquiries. Most of the content on the MTV news blog is music related or general celebrity news and trends. MTV is a revolutionary ‘tool’ that contributed greatly to the growth and the development of the music industry. The fact that MTV chooses WordPress as its platform to reach the online audience establishes it as a credible business solution.