Some Incredible Websites Using WordPress

Although WordPress has a reputation of being used by hobby-bloggers, many remarkable brands use it for commercial and marketing purposes which establishes it as a plausible business solution. The following is a collection of a few globally renowned and respected companies that trust and use the WordPress platform to develop their websites.

1. Xerox

Xerox has more than ten blogs running on WordPress. These blogs handle different issues concerning the Xerox Company. Since the WordPress platform is free and open source, it is very convenient for a company that has multiple blogs. The Xerox blogs are an interactive platform where the Xerox professionals share the professional expertise and answer any enquiries from potential customers or consumers with issues concerning Xerox products. These blogs are elegantly designed and have detailed information pertaining to Xerox Company and products.

2. Sony Music

Sony Music is another mega company that trusts WordPress for its online presence. Considering WordPress is free, it is surprising that a profitable music company like Sony runs its websites on this platform. For many misinformed people who view WordPress as a freebie for hobbyists, the fact that Sony runs on WordPress should make them rethink their position. The Sony website is not only professionally designed but also contains a mountain of information and features an interactive platform.

3. MTV

MTV news blog is powered by WordPress. The blog is very detailed, intricate and has an interactive platform that enables comments and enquiries. Most of the content on the MTV news blog is music related or general celebrity news and trends. MTV is a revolutionary ‘tool’ that contributed greatly to the growth and the development of the music industry. The fact that MTV chooses WordPress as its platform to reach the online audience establishes it as a credible business solution.

Common WordPress Mistakes That Can Kill Your Site

WordPress can and is being used to create amazing, user-friendly websites. However many people make seemingly insignificant mistakes when building their websites with WordPress because of which they fail to take full advantage of this amazing platform. In this article we have listed three such mistakes.

1. Not changing the default tagline

A tagline is like a slogan and a short single line description about your site. WordPress applies “Just Another Blog” tagline, by default, while installation. Most of the novice users forget to change or remove it which is not considered a good practice. This is because Google indexes the tagline and it might affect you site ranking during search operations. So, we advise you to choose a witty and unique tagline that has some connection with your blog content. You can modify the default tagline by clicking on Settings –> General tab in your WordPress console.

2. Using the default provided favicon

Favicon a little icon linked with your website or blog. It is normally displayed in the address bar of a browser. Most of the WordPress beginners ignore their favicons, due to which their sites or blogs have the default provided favicon being displayed. If you want to create a professional looking website, you really have to change the favicon icon. You can use the free favicon icon generator tools available online or create a favicon by your own and replace the default company provided favicon icon.

3. Overlooking WordPress updates

At times, we simply forget to check for updates and upgrading the website or blog. Regularly updating the site and plugins is very important as they enhance the user experience by fixing certain bugs and also improve the security options of your site. Besides, upgrading the WordPress from one version to the other is very simple and can be accomplished with a single click. But, before updating it is secure to back up your site.

If you want your website to be successful then make sure that you avoid these mistakes at all costs.

Why An Unresponsive Theme Is A Dead Theme

With the majority of the population now owning a smartphone and having the ability to access the internet on the go, the amount of mobile Google Searches has skyrocketed. In fact, more people are performing searches on their phones every single day than on actual laptops and desktop computers. This means that the majority of people are visiting websites on their phones when they’re out and about in the world. So, why is this an important piece of information to know? Simply put, mobile versions of a website and desktop versions of a website aren’t always created equal. In some cases, mobile versions of a website virtually cease to exist at all, and this can be horrible news for you if you don’t realize why.

Responsive themes will basically make your website look fantastic regardless of the device in which it is being viewed on. When a theme isn’t responsive, viewers tend to have to constantly zoom and scroll just to get the jist of what a webpage is about. In some cases, certain functions of a site that would be available on the desktop version won’t even carry over to the mobile version. This is all incredibly aggravating to site viewers, and now that Google has caught on to this, it’s starting to rid search results of these mobile unfriendly sites. This all basically means that if you’re not using a responsive theme, your pageviews are going to absolutely plummet. So, the first thing you should be doing when you’re considering a theme is checking that it’s responsive. If it’s not responsive, you aren’t going to exist to the mobile world, and that’s basically the same as not existing at all.

Jump Start Your Newsletters Today!

So you produce a great newsletter that you’ve poured hours and hours of work into, but you aren’t seeing the results you want. You’re just not seeing the sign ups online and you’re not reaching as many people as you want to. This can be understandably frustrating, but are you really doing everything you can to make sure you reach your audience and provide them with the value they want?

One of the best ways to encourage new people to sign up for your email newsletter is to ask! While this sounds obvious, a little sidebar buried in your website that has a form for opting in just isn’t going to do it. That’s easy to skim over or ignore completely. Consider a basic pop up box that asks for them to sign up for your email newsletter.

If you add in an enticement like a free report or free whitepaper (don’t use the term newsletter – give the perception of adding extra value) for signing up and you might be surprised how effective that strategy is. Make sure your free giveaway is based on a topic that you know is very important to the readers you want to reach, and make sure the report is outstanding.

A bad or “fluffy” report will get you dropped angrily by people who signed up to see what you had to offer. Wasting their time is a good way to get a permanent black mark. On the other hand, delivering outstanding and helpful content that impresses will not only encourage sign ups, but make your sign ups far more likely to read your newsletters and engage with your content in the future!

Why Making Your Website Mobile Friendly Is Necessary?

Anybody who has a website knows that a Google Search can be highly responsible for the amount of traffic a site receives. But did you know that depending on the device a person is using to perform a search, the results may vary? Thanks to Google’s latest mobile-friendly algorithm update, certain sites are getting left in the dust whilst others are flourishing and basking in all of the attention they’re receiving. So why is this? It’s simple; the flourishing sites are mobile-friendly and the sites left in the dust are not.

In the past, people would receive the same search results regardless of whether they were using Google on their laptop at home or their cell phone out in the world. This lead to a lot of aggravation because not all websites are mobile-friendly. This is why some sites look fantastic on a mobile device and some sites cause you to have to scroll and zoom just to read a paragraph. Thankfully, Google is now bumping mobile-unfriendly sites out of the search results. This is amazing news for those who are Googling on their bus ride home. However, this can be bad news for site owners who aren’t aware of the update and/or haven’t updated with it. That being said, the best thing you can currently do for your website is make it mobile-friendly. Don’t become a site left in the dust.

Making Your WordPress Website’s Database Fast and Lightweight

These days the popularity of mobile devices is on the rise. While this has created a whole multitude of exciting new opportunities for website owners and bloggers, it has also given rise to some serious issues. The biggest one is that the internet connections available on mobile devices are often painfully slow which means that even if a website loads normally on a computer it is likely to take a lot of time on a phone or tablet. If you want to stay ahead of the curve then it is extremely important that you make your website as fast as possible. There are a number of ways to decrease page load times but the one we will be discussing here is database optimization.

WordPress is undoubtedly the best CMS in terms of user-friendliness but it is not the fastest. In order to provide a consistent experience to users, this software has to store a lot of unnecessary items in its database. Deleting these items is a surefire way of speeding up your website.

In the following paragraphs the main database optimization techniques have been mentioned:

1. Cleanup in PHPMyAdmin

If you have worked with cPanel then you probably have stumbled upon the module called PhpMyAdmin. It’s a superb tool for searching through database tables and running SQL queries. What’s more, it provides many useful optimization tools. In the following paragraph you will learn how to make use of these tools.

To get started, simply go to the cPanel dashboard and click on the phpMyAdmin icon. On many web servers users are logged in automatically but on others they are required to log in manually. After logging in you can browse through tables and delete the items that are not needed. Usually it is safe to delete post revisions, spam comments, trashed posts, trashed comments and auto-drafts.

2. Using plug-ins

If going through dozens of tables, looking for items to delete sounds like a bad idea then you can automate the optimization process with the help of plugins. There are a number of plugins that you can install to make your database leaner. However it is important that you do a little research before installing a particular plugin. If you are not careful enough you might end up losing precious data. Also, make sure you take a full backup before optimization.

By following the simple tips given here you can accelerate your blog significantly.

What to Look For in Premium WordPress Themes

Making the step up from a free WordPress theme to one of many premium WordPress themes should bring with it a big jump both in quality and function for your site, shouldn’t it? Yes, absolutely. Is that always the case? Sadly, no.

Experience is a great teacher. Here’s some ideas on what to look for in a premium WordPress theme that I’ve picked up over the years. I think they will make your search potentially much more productive!

– Is the theme packed with features? When you pay for a premium theme it should have premium features. Take note of what features are being offered for the price and compare it with what’s offered with other premium themes in the same price range.

– Make sure the theme is relevant to your topic. It is always a good idea to choose a theme that has been designed for your niche in particular. For instance if you want to build a website for you web hosting company then your theme should have features such as WHM integration, payment processing, price boxes etc. You can find some beautiful hosting themes here.

– When was the theme last updated? The last thing you want is to purchase a theme that’s not really supported by it’s creators. If WordPress does a big update you want your theme to still function, don’t you?

– Look into the seller. It’s never a bad idea to explore the theme’s seller’s reputation. Check it out on search engines, forums and anywhere else you can think of. Five minutes of research can save you lots of future headaches.

Good luck and have fun in your search through those cool premium WordPress themes! I hope these tips make your choice a more informed one.

WordPress Web Hosting – How Is It Different From Traditional Hosting?

General web hosting companies are, on their own, good enough for most people. But when it comes to dealing with WordPress, a web host whose features and services are specifically tailored towards WordPress users is your best choice, particularly if all your sites will be built on WordPress. A WordPress web host is a haven you can’t resist, and if you don’t believe that, continue reading to see what distinguishes it from a general web host.

1. Security: It’s apparent how liable WordPress is to security breaches and you likely don’t want your site to get hacked. A WP web host regularly checks for security holes and fixes them even before WordPress does – and if your site ever gets hacked, it will be recovered and restored for free.

2. Proficiency: You definitely wouldn’t want a scenario where your WP questions are too obscure for the support staff to answer. You don’t have to worry about that happening because members of the support staff of WP web hosts are all experts. So if one can’t answer your question, another will be able to.

3. Faster page loading: No more slow websites, and forget about using a caching plugin because you won’t need it. The servers are inherently designed to facilitate faster loading.

4. Easy backups: You can backup your sites with one click and restore them with the same, and this comes at no extra cost.

5. Collection of free themes and plugins: You are given a nice gallery of the best free themes and plugins, and some of them cannot be found anywhere else because they were created only for users like you.

6. Migrate your site effortlessly: Whether you are coming from a different web host or you are moving to another, there will always be someone in the support staff to help you move your site for a small fee.

7. Developer-friendly tools: More tools for developers are provided, and it won’t cost you anything to get access to them.

8. Beginner-friendly: If you are a beginner, you probably want to get your site up and running as soon as you can. You will find a massive collection of WordPress tutorials to help you get started, and you can have WordPress installed for you for free if you can’t do it yourself.

Of course, some WP web hosts may not have some of the features mentioned here, but at the same time, they may have more features that aren’t mentioned here. As far as recommendations go, Site Ground and WP Engine are the top WP web hosts I can recommended.

Some Drawbacks of Free Blog Hosting

If there’s one thing constant about businesses all around the globe then it’s the fact that there are no free lunches. This is why clients are often struck with doubts while opting for the free of cost web hosting services for their websites. What they don’t understand, is that what appears to be free on the internet isn’t always so. Other people, especially those who are new to hosting, are attracted by free hosting services, notwithstanding its several drawbacks.

If you’re new to web hosting, then selecting a good paid host is probably something you will find quite difficult. Even more so with free hosts, as most of the free web hosting services available today are meant to exploit the users rather than help. What you’re likely to experience over the first few months with a free web hosting service is lack of FTPs, lack of domain names, tiny web space, and lastly numerous advertisements by the host to reap up the money spent on space and bandwidth.

Three most important technical issues to be dealt with before looking twice at any host are space, bandwidth, and other extra features. Features offered include domain name hosting, File Transfer Protocols (FTPs), Data Base Management Systems (DBMS) et al. Free web hosts, to the best of my knowledge do NOT offer the latter one, and offer only minimal amounts of the first two. This might lead to extremely unpresentable site, sluggish download speeds, extremely low Click through rates to name a few of the problems which might arise.

Websites of today are mostly written in HTML – and in that, they come in two varieties. These are Static and Dynamic HTML. Most web hosts prefer Static HTML, and if your site has room for Dynamic hosting, then you must check out sophisticated services which have the capability to host a dynamic website. Problems you might face with DHTML scripts in a free host server are extremely low Data scope, as low as 5MB. Also, several free servers do not allow customizable domains and this leads to presentation deficiencies, when your web URL ends up with the free host’s domain and your own.

Elaborating a few more problems with URLs, since free servers host several thousands of websites in a single disk, each site gets assigned a unique IP address and this leads to several million URLs coming out of a single server. This has several network security issues. For one thing, a single file gets infected by a virus over the web, it can spread throughout and damage the entire database of the server. Also, no free server guarantees site activity and server response round the clock.

Thus, the conclusion reached hence is that free web hosting servers are only good for experimenters and complete newcomers into the scenario who have little or nothing to lose from bad site performance. Most of all, in spite of all the shortcomings, it’s FREE. Restrictions only become important when you’re aiming for something big. For all other purposes, free web hosting is a splendid tool to start you off into the web.

How to Create An Answers Website With WordPress

Yahoo Answers is one of the most profitable and popular websites on the internet. If you want to make decent money on autopilot then starting a similar website might be a good idea. All you need is the latest version of WordPress and a good Q n A theme.

Here are the exact steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: Choose a good hosting plan

A question and answer website can be quite resource intensive and the resource consumption keeps on increasing with the passage of time. Therefore you should choose a hosting plan wisely. The offered disk space should be enough for a large database. Unlimited hosting might seem like the ideal choice but it is not actually unlimited. Most companies have a fair usage policy that allows them to deactivate your account once you have used a certain amount of bandwidth.

If you are really serious about your site then you should rent out a Virtual Private Server. This type of hosting is perfect for medium-sized sites that receive thousands of visitors everyday. Dedicated hosting is another viable option but it is very expensive.

Step 2: Install WordPress

These days WP installation is a breeze, thanks to all the amazing script installers being used in the web hosting industry. With a single click you can deploy WordPress on your server. However if your hosting control panel doesn’t come with an automated installation system then you can manually install the software using the helpful guides given on

Step 3: Purchase a WordPress Answers Theme

You can add all the necessary features to your website just by installing a robust answers theme. There are dozens of such themes available in the market. While shopping you should consider the following things:

– It should integrate with Adsense. For an answers website, a pay-per-click program can be a valuable source of income.

– It should have visually appealing social sharing buttons. This might sound like an insignificant feature but can make a lot of difference.

– It should have a built-in premium membership feature so that you can establish multiple revenue streams.

– Lastly the theme should have search engine friendly code.

If managed properly, an answers website can become a real goldmine within a few months. I hope this article will help you create the website of your dreams.