Why Making Your Website Mobile Friendly Is Necessary?

Anybody who has a website knows that a Google Search can be highly responsible for the amount of traffic a site receives. But did you know that depending on the device a person is using to perform a search, the results may vary? Thanks to Google’s latest mobile-friendly algorithm update, certain sites are getting left in the dust whilst others are flourishing and basking in all of the attention they’re receiving. So why is this? It’s simple; the flourishing sites are mobile-friendly and the sites left in the dust are not.

In the past, people would receive the same search results regardless of whether they were using Google on their laptop at home or their cell phone out in the world. This lead to a lot of aggravation because not all websites are mobile-friendly. This is why some sites look fantastic on a mobile device and some sites cause you to have to scroll and zoom just to read a paragraph. Thankfully, Google is now bumping mobile-unfriendly sites out of the search results. This is amazing news for those who are Googling on their bus ride home. However, this can be bad news for site owners who aren’t aware of the update and/or haven’t updated with it. That being said, the best thing you can currently do for your website is make it mobile-friendly. Don’t become a site left in the dust.